A+ Rated Company
Thank you again for your gracious service. See you again at the end of 2024.
Bessie S.
Thank you so much for your prompt attention on our coverages and listening to your lovely voice on the phone! Always a pleasure doing business with you.
Ricardo O.
What fantastic customer service. You are all outstanding! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Thank you,
Rick F.
I LOVE working with your company! You are very responsive and do such a great job! I highly recommend you to everyone I talk to!
Excellent customer service year after year.
Starley N.
Thank you for the straight-forward application and approval process. I look forward to being a member for years to come.
Gary O.
I have been serviced by Rebecca for several years and have never considered "shopping around." She is courteous, professional and efficient.
Anita S.
You and I have had a spectacular relationship throughout the past years! I know you make a point to provide me with the best rate, coverage and service. I want to thank you for ALL of your efforts on my behalf.
May your weekend be filled with joy,
Barbara P.
Hello again, After a thorough shopping expedition, you once again prevail on the best rate I can find. I'm ready to purchase my policy. Can someone please call me to take my credit card information? If I do not answer, please DO leave a message and I will call back asap.
Thank you,
Jeannie P.
You have a nice program. I am glad I found you.
Yolanda C.
I just saved a ton of money going with you guys. I hate insurance...but I dont hate you. Please keep your rates low.
Jimmy R.
Website easy to navigate, pricing good, and Customer Service is excellent.
David S.
Chris S. gave me your name, Maybe you know him cause he had referred a bunch of folks in our office. He now gets $100 per referral. Now THATS a great program!!! Ill be doing the same. You have a great program.
Kelly W.
Im really happy with your teams dedication. Tell them a big thank you.
Jason A.
I have to say that your customer service is absolutely amazing. It is truly a pleasure to work with someone that actually cares about their customers. Thank you again.
Beth W.
This is a brief note of gratitude for the excellent professionalism of your Customer Service rep for her courtesy and generosity of spirit. She could not have been more helpful.
Mikel O.
Im really happy with this company...the service is excellent and the premium and the ease of the application...Progressive mentioned the company and I have found ACE excellent so far.
Jerry C.
Casey Miller is a Wonderful customer service resource for your company! I recently had the pleasure of speaking with her regarding a charge on my checking account. She was a joy to work with! A polite young lady whom you should be proud to call your own!
L. Clark
Yes. It printed fine. Thank you so much for helping me out on this. Your customer service is one I would hope my clients feel they receive when they call my agency. You were awesome!
Ruth B.
A nice price and a nice program.
Harold J.
Your customer service person was very helpful. Thanks.
Terri L.
What a pleasure it was to talk to a person who actually cares about customer service. I wish other companies had Customer Service like yours. Would make life so much easier for all.
Jeff P.
The site was easy to use, and I did not find any problems. Thanks.
Bryan A.
Good pricing. The best yet.
Paula D.
A buddy gave my your name. Glad I checked you out. I will spread the word.
Todd S.
I would like to express my appreciation for the services I received from one of your representatives over a month ago. Her name represents the highest standard of professionalism and it was certainly a pleasure to have her assistance during the application process. Her knowledge and exceptional care to every detail of my questions was truly professional. She helped me address all my concerns and was able to also get back with me promptly on a follow up question. It was a real delight to work with her. My experience with your company was excellent and I will certainly put you on my referral list of companies to work with among my peers. Thanks again and please extend this to the management team.
Brock A.
A high standard customer service. I will recommend this company to my customers 
Casey M
Hello again,
After a thorough shopping expedition, you once again prevail on the best rate I can find.
I'm ready to purchase my policy. Can someone please call me to take my credit card information?
If I do not answer, please DO leave a message and I will call back asap.
Thank you,
Jeannie P.
I'm really happy with this company...the service is excellent and the premium and the ease of the application. Progressive mentioned the company and I have found ACE excellent so far - Jerry C  
Thanks for getting me my construction liability coverage in one day.  Your rates are much better than others.  Overall a great company.
Charlie M.
Your Customer Service was very helpful.  Much better than other companies I called.  It says a lot about your company.
Cindy R.
Your company is much better than the other ones I contacted.  Getting a quote was such a hassle with them.  You got me a quote right away, and I was able to get my coverage in place the next day.  WAY better than everyone else!  Thanks for being there for me.
Rich J.
You were referred to my by the roofer working on a house I was working on.  It was time for me to renew and my old company had just raised my rates through the ceiling.  I ended up getting coverage from you at a rate lower than my OLD rate.  Wow that was nice, especially in a down economy.
Tony R. 
I was able to get an idea of how much it was going to cost from the website. Then, after I completed the application I was able to get a firm price.  That was good.  It was really hard to even get a quote from everyone else.  What a pain in the neck.  Your operation was quick and easy compared to the others.
Nathan S.
A friend of mine referred me to you.  I'm glad he did.  Your rate was lower than my old policy.  I hope you keep the rates low as my old company kept raising the rates. Have a great day.
Bob B.
I am not new to plumbing, but when I went off and started my own company I was having a hard time even getting liability coverage.   Thanks for helping me out.
Sid L.
With costs of everything going up and up it was nice to be able to get a liability company at a decent price.  I was able to get it online with talking to some salesperson.  I like that too.
Glen S.
When I was searching online for liability coverage for my husband's remodeling company I had a hard time even getting a quote.  You were the only company I found that would give me a quote without a lot of hassle.  That was great.  We also got the certificate the next day.  That was nice too.  Keep up the good work.  Your rates are good. 
Karen M.
I appreciate your quick response to my CGL needs. Everyone else said it would take weeks, and I couldn't wait that long. Plus, you had the best prices.
Jean T.
Your customer service was very good. You answered all of my questions Thanks.
Kent W.
I checked a bunch of sites before deciding on who to go with. According to my research, you had the best pricing. I hope you keep the lowest prices as I shop it each year. I learned to do that when I used another company and they kept raising their prices.
Jim R.
I saw you on the internet. You have a good program, and you made the application process simple. Thanks!
Jay B.
I'm a landscaper and hate it when I have to use the computer. Your customer service person was very helpful.
Alberto A.
Contractor Liability is expensive. I found your rates the best out there. I will be telling others and am looking forward to the $100 for each referral that gets it.
Emilio N.
My father uses you for his plumbing liability. Your rates are the best I have seen for my drywall business. I'll be using you too.
Jason M.
You have an easy to use website. The others were so complicated. Getting rates was like pulling teeth. Glad you are out there.
Christine N.
I was having problems with my computer completing the application process. Your customer service person helped me, and I was able to get it done. My hats off to you!
Paul T.
I had to get liability for a job, and I needed it right away. You were able to get me covered the next day. Thanks for the great service! I will refer others to your site. One company actually told me it would take a couple of weeks. Glad one of the contractors gave me your name.
Eric P.
Thank you for helping me get my Contractors Liability program in place. Your Customer Service person was very helpful. Sometimes I have a hard time filling out forms and all, but she walked me through it.
Nate C.
I always hate filling out all the paperwork for CGL. Your site was easy compared to others I have used. Great work!
Nancy L.
Because of you I was able to get my Liability taken care of at a fair price. It was also easy to do online. Thanks for being there.
Jessie N.
Your Customer Service person was very helpful. I think that is so important these days. Some people don't care, but she was very good.
Bill D.
Good prices, and an easy to use website.
Tony R.
You have good rates. Your forms were easy to fill out. I will refer you to all of my framing friends.
Jose G.
Wow that was easy! I was able to get my Certificate the next day. You have a good program. I like it.
Nathan A.
I was referred to you by another painter who just renewed with you. He said you were easy to use, and he's right. I had a lot of problems with another company who had terrible customer service. Plus they kept raising their rates till they are now off the charts. Glad he referred me to you.
Ramone M.
Every year I take care of my husband's CGL and it is always a big pain! With ACE it was easy, and we saved some money this year. I'll be using you for a long time. Please continue to take care of us like you have.
Stella K.
Thanks for taking care of my Liability policy. Your customer service helped me get through the forms and the application process.
Arish H.

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