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Contractor's General Liability Coverage can protect an individual from claims relating to any damage or injury while they are providing professional construction services on and off a jobsite. These claims can lead to a lawsuit that could bankrupt your business and personal finances. An injury or accidental damage can occur at any time and place. Our coverage can provide protection for the busy professional from the worry of these expenses.


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If you will answer the questions listed below, you will receive an instant online quote for your new Contractor's General Liability Coverage. We will then need a completed application in order to fully understand your risk profile and to determine your final annual amount. 

Quote Questions

1. Choose Primary Industry:
2. Number of Years in Your Industry:
3. Primary State or Province of Operation:
4. Gross Annual Business Revenue:
5. Gross Annual Income (Owner Only):
6. Gross Annual Payroll (Including Owner, All Employees and Subs):
7. Have you had a prior CGL policy for your business?
8. Have you had CGL claim in the last 5 years?
9. During the past 5 years, has any insurer cancelled, declined or refused to issue similar insurance to the Applicant?
10. Deductible:
11. Maximum Benefit/Incident:
12. Maximum Benefit/Aggregate (per Policy Year):
13. Number of Additional Certificate Holders:


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